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Personal Injury

We handle personal injury cases in all cities in Maryland.

If you are interested in speaking with an attorney from Murnane & O’Neill about your case. Please fill out this contact form as completely as possible. In the “question” area, please give us as many details as possible, to allow us to refer your matter to the appropriate attorney. Call Now : 410-761-6800 *Please note that…

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Important Information to Know about Car Insurance Claims

Filing a claim with an insurance company should be done as soon as possible following an accident. Here, the personal injury attorneys at Murnane & O’Neill have provided information to ensure the process of filing a claim is as efficient as possible. When filing a claim with an automobile insurance company, it is important to…

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What to Know About Maryland Premises Liability Law

If you are injured on someone else’s property, premises liability law would dictate your ability to seek damages from the property owner. Here, the personal injury attorneys at Murnane & O’Neill explain Maryland’s premises liability law. Premises Liability Law is Based on Negligence As with any category of personal injury law, premises liability law is…

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Pain and Suffering Claim: How is it Calculated?

A third-party claim is traditionally filed to seek restitution for “pain and suffering” losses, but how is this calculated? Here, the legal team at Murnane & O’Neill explain some of the ways that the value of pain and suffering is calculated. Defining Pain and Suffering Legally, pain and suffering is a form of general damages…

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Head and Brain Injuries

Trauma to the head and brain is often the most severe type of injury that results from car and truck accidents. The general practice attorneys at Murnane & O’Neill describe the various types of head and brain injuries that could result from an auto accident. The Brain Injury Association of Maryland estimates that almost half…

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Car Accident Injuries: Soft Tissue

Minor car accidents often seem harmless. However, just because injury symptoms do not appear at the time of the accident does not mean that they will not materialize at a later time. The experienced attorneys at the Murnane & O’Neill Law Firm outline soft tissue injuries that often go unnoticed after a car accident. Soft…

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