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Maryland Business Law

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There are a wide range of legal hardships that businesses may face, but with the assistance of Hal Murnane and Peter O'Neill, you need not let these challenges be a concern. Our experienced Mr. Murnane and his attorneys can help you obtain peace of mind. Whether it is starting a business, creating or reviewing contracts or collecting money owed to you, our attorneys have the skills to get the job done. Please review the services available to you below, but know that these are only a sampling of what most businesses require, and not the extent of our offerings. For more information, do not hesitate to call us at (410) 761-6800.

Contracts - As they say, the devil is in the details. Whether developing, reviewing, executing or enforcing a contract, we can help. We know where the rubber hits the road, so we can assist in any contract-related challenges you may face.

Employees - Having employees is essential to a growing business, but employees are human, and often make mistakes that could affect you or your business.

Example: Employer A sent employee B to pick up some money. Hours after the pick-up, the employee quit, and the money was nowhere to be found. Years later, when employee B was applying for a job, employer A was asked to provide a reference. Employer A was subsequently sued by employee B. Murnane & O'Neill successfully represented Employer A in the suit.

Entity Creation - There are various types of business entity choices depending on the type of business you want to run, the type of tax situation you have and how you wish to manage your business. We can help you choose the right entity for your situation, get the business up and running and help you manage legal issues that arise throughout the life of the business.

Buying & Selling Businesses - If you are looking to get into business or get out of one, we have the requisite experience to help you with this transition.

Licensing - The administrative process that comes along with licensing in Maryland can be tricky. Whether you are looking to start a restaurant or obtain a liquor license, we can help. We have helped others through this process, and know what is needed to get you through the system.

Disputes Among Business Partners - Businesses often start out with a great flurry of optimism and hope. Unfortunately, not all ventures are successful. Oftentimes, business partners find that they have many differences of opinion, and many issues arise such as non-compete agreements and splitting of profits. Murnane & O'Neill has successfully represented partners who were interested in winding down their business and wanted to keep their partners from taking clients or competing with them.