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Maryland Family Law

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Hal Murnane and his associates understand that family law matters require patience, understanding, privacy and support.

Mr. Murnane routinely works with clients in the areas of:

  • Child Custody - Issues involving joint custody, such as visitation and control and management of children.
  • Child Support - A set monthly payment made to sustain dependents such as minor children, a disabled adult child or a disabled parent. The courts look at the income of both parties, and determine what is in the best interest of the person being supported.
  • Spousal Support - A common practice for couples who have a disparity in incomes. Many times one spouse will stay home to raise the children or manage the household, and accordingly their work experience and ability to bring in a decent income is limited. Spousal support or alimony is used to help even out this disparity. Usually it is temporary, to help the spouse at the disadvantage get on their feet. Permanent support could be called for in cases where one party is unable to work due to age, physical disabilities or mental illness.
  • Divorce - This legally terminates a marriage. Depending on the circumstances involved between you and your spouse, you may be eligible for an immediate divorce, but the normal path requires a waiting period of one year.
  • Marital Property Distribution - Assets are divided equitably, according to Maryland law, so that no party receives more than the other. If there are pre-marital assets involved or inheritance, the court will usually not include those in the division.

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