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Auto Accidents

Evidence You Should Have for Your Car Accident Claim

One of the best ways to ensure your legal success when managing a motor vehicle accident claim is to quickly and properly collect evidence. But, what evidence will help to bolster your case? Here, the personal injury attorneys at Murnane O’Neill explain what evidence you should have for your auto accident negligence claim. Contact and…

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DUI Laws to Understand Before Celebrating Fourth of July

Alcohol consumption can be excessive during Fourth of July celebrations, and choosing to drive home under the influence can result in severe consequences. Here, the legal experts at Murnane & O’Neill detail what can happen if you are charged with a DUI. Fourth of July celebrations bring with them fireworks, parades, barbeques and picnics—many of…

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Hit and Run: Consequences and Penalties

Hit and run crimes are not taken lightly, and if you are convicted, you can face serious penalties. Here, the legal professionals at Murnane & O’Neill explain what a hit and run is, the penalties if you are convicted and best practices if you are involved in a car accident. No matter how serious or…

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Winter Driving Safety Tips

With winter weather comes driving hazards that can cause serious accidents. The general practice attorneys at Murnane & O’Neill suggest ways of preventing car accidents as the result of icy conditions as the temperature drops. Slippery roads caused by ice and snow are a leading cause of car accidents. Roads with a lower coefficient of…

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Car Accident Injuries: Soft Tissue

Minor car accidents often seem harmless. However, just because injury symptoms do not appear at the time of the accident does not mean that they will not materialize at a later time. The experienced attorneys at the Murnane & O’Neill Law Firm outline soft tissue injuries that often go unnoticed after a car accident. Soft…

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The Dangers of Improper Truck Driver Training

The attorneys of Murnane & O’Neill examine the factors that contribute to inadequate training of truck drivers, making them more prone to trucking accidents. Trucks are dangerous and complicated vehicles that require a great deal of responsibility and understanding for proper use. Additionally, some trucks carry cargo that is hazardous if improperly contained, which can…

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