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Somerset Maryland Injury Lawyers and Somerset Accident Attorneys

How can Murnane & O’Neil, Attorneys at Law assist accident victims in Somerset Maryland with loss recovery? 

Murnane & O’Neil are Somerset Maryland accident lawyers and have the experience to assist Maryland accident victims with legal action after a mishap results in personal injury and property damage loss.  Having successfully tried cases for over 28 years of legal practice in Glen Burnie, Anne Arundel County, Annapolis, Baltimore and other parts of the state, the firm’s attorneys possess the appropriate skills, and network of insurance experts and longstanding relationships with opposing counsel allowing for expedited case resolution in many cases.  Attorneys utilize state laws that provide for payment, or indemnity when an injured party is not at fault, referred to as “damages.  It is important to secure the guidance of legal counsel after an accident occurs, because Somerset MD injury attorneys are familiar with an insurance company’s desire to close out claims quickly, and will begin communications on a client’s behalf, before they have a chance to present a low settlement offer. Personal injury lawyers in Somerset MD have valuable resources to support a case utilizing expert investigators, property appraisers, and loss mitigation consultants.

Because of an accident’s unplanned nature and its occurrence in every type of venue, victims can become overwhelmed with the tasks to be undertaken afterward. In many cases, individuals are left with expensive property damage replacement, or physical injury and loss that requires assistance from the experienced injury attorneys at Murnane & O’Neil Law Offices to address costs above insurance settlement awards.

Recoverable damages for personal injury claims in Somerset Maryland.

Compensatory damages are an award of money in compensation for actual economic losses, injury, and property damage, not including punitive damages. The award of money is meant to address general and special damages for present and future lost wages, medical bills, future medical care, household expenses and pain and suffering, mental anguish and loss of consortium, or companionship.

Punitive damages.

Maryland law rarely allows for punitive damages that are meant to punish a defendant for egregiously bad conduct toward a plaintiff, and also to deter others contemplating similar behavior. The standard in Maryland is gross negligence, or actual malice and is extremely difficult to prove without the assistance of Somerset accident attorneys building a strong case in favor of victims.

Statute of limitations in Somerset Maryland

Maryland states that personal injury lawsuits for injuries caused by negligence, or misconduct must be filed within three years from when the injury was sustained, discovered or should have been discovered through reasonable care, except for wrongful death and medical malpractice cases.

 Somerset Maryland car accident lawyers.

When individuals are injured in a Somerset car accident in the State of Maryland, where 501 related deaths occurred in 2018, they  may need to understand the impacts of laws affecting property damage and personal injury claims.  Experienced Somerset MD car accident attorneys can help with the intricacies of a complex accident case that may have criminal components for reckless driving, distracted driving, or driving under the influence, which may affect insurance coverages, degrees of fault and the severity of the accident damages toward a timely award.

Maryland is a third party liability state with regard to car accidents, allowing individuals to make claims for property damage, or personal injuries against another driver’s insurance because they are at fault, or “liable” for the accident. Car accident lawyers in Somerset MD can take on the burden of communicating with insurance professionals, and other experts who can assist in supporting a case through data collection, legal research, and in-depth review of accident details.

Somerset Maryland  personal injury attorneys.

If a person is hurt because of the actions, or inaction of another individual, they may be able to recover compensation when fault and/or liability is proven for the resultant harm. The recovery of damages is contingent upon injury lawyers proving that the individual or entity was negligent, caused the injury and owed a duty of care to the victim, and must be filed within the three year statute of limitations.

 Premises liability lawyers in Somerset Maryland

Individuals who are hurt in an accident on someone else’s property may take legal action when it was caused due to poor conditions on the property, including improper maintenance, upkeep, or negative resident, or pet interaction on the premises. The responsibility of the property owner depends on the standard of care owed to the injured person, which is based on the reason for their presence on the property.  For example, an invitee is owed a duty of care, but a trespasser may not be owed that same duty. Homeowners’ insurance may cover these types of injuries depending on the individual policy. 

Medical malpractice in Somerset Maryland.

Maryland medical malpractice actions occur when a person becomes injured while being treated by a practicing health care provider. A person must file a medical malpractice claim in Maryland before three years after the injury has occurred, or five years from the time malpractice harm was discovered, whichever is earliest.  Victims have to file a certificate of merit from a qualified medical expert who must state the injury and the breach to existing standards of care within 90 days of filing the malpractice complaint.

Wrongful death lawyers in Somerset Maryland. 

In Maryland, family members, or legal representatives must file a wrongful death claim in Somerset Maryland within three years from the date of the death caused by the negligent, reckless, or deliberate act of another.  An accident attorney familiar with survivor actions can be instrumental in the recovery of damages awarded to beneficiaries proportioned to the injury resulting from the wrongful death. 

Somerset Maryland Workers’ compensation lawyers. 


The Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission  has a detailed process for individuals who are injured on the job, or contract job-related illnesses necessitating a workers’ compensation claim for monetary damages. A workers compensation attorney in Somerset MD can assist when injuries are caused by an accident, or a medical condition that develops over time, caused by repetitious use of a body part, or a hazardous workplace environment.

 Legal action after an accident in Somerset Maryland.

Experienced Somerset Maryland lawyers at Murnane & O’Neill can assume responsibilities related to accidents, saving time, reducing stress, and pointing accident victims on the right path toward physical recovery and a comprehensive financial award that addresses accident-related expenses.