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Common Workers’ Compensation Injuries

Workers’ compensation payments totaled $62.3 billion in 2014–the most recent data available–making workers’ compensation a serious issue in the national working world. There are many different injuries that may qualify for workers’ compensation; however, there are several that are most commonly cited in workers’ compensation claims. Here, the workers’ compensation attorneys at Murnane & O’Neill detail the most common workers’ compensation injuries.


Overexertion is an injury that occurs when a muscle or joint is pulled or forced beyond its natural range of motion. Overexertion can occur to any muscle or joint, but commonly occurs in the back, knees or neck. Any job that requires regular or intense physical labor could contribute to an overexertion injury. According to the Department of Labor, this type of injury is the most commonly cited in workers’ compensation claims.

Slipping, Tripping and Falling

Other very common workers’ compensation injuries result from slips, trips and falls. These often occur due to slick or slippery walking surfaces, especially due to spills, rain or snow and ice. Contusions, sprains, broken bones or other injuries can occur after a slip, trip or fall.

Falling to a lower level is another common occurrence in this category of injuries, and can include falls down stairs, off of ladders or off of a multi-level workspace. Construction workers, roofers and maintenance or repair workers are disproportionately represented within this injury category.

Struck By or Against an Object

These injuries tend to occur when items fall off of shelves, or an item is dropped from a lower level. A worker could be struck against an object if they fall or are physically forced into something, such as a bookshelf, barricade, wall or other stationary object. While such injuries could occur in any workplace, they most commonly occur within industries where heavy machinery or equipment is used, such as with factory workers.

Highway Accidents

Injuries caused by truck and car accidents can be extremely severe, and are more likely among truck drivers, traveling businessmen and police officers. Roadway repairmen are also susceptible to these kinds of injuries–although usually due to another driver’s actions.

Machinery Accidents

Workers who must operate heavy machinery are usually required to take training courses that help them to mitigate the chance of injury through misuse. However, accidents involving machinery are common, and usually stem from a piece of equipment crushing or mutilating a worker.

Repetitive Motion

Repetitive motion injuries are caused when a worker performs the same motion, or employs the same joint and muscle groups, over and over again. Repetitive motion injuries can include carpal tunnel, edema, tendinosis and intersection syndrome, among others. Because a series of smaller events–and not one singular event–causes a repetitive motion injury, they can be difficult both to diagnose and prove as a valid workers’ compensation injury. It is important to enlist the assistance of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to help document and prove any injury–but especially a repetitive motion injury–was caused by work-related events or actions.

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