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Maryland Product Liability Law

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There are three categories for defects in products:

  • Manufacturing – the product does not conform to the manufacturers intended design… i.e. if a pop bottle explodes in your hand or if you go to a vending machine and you find something inside the can that was not intended to be there…there is a manufacturing defect.
  • Design – has to do with the unintended consequences of the way the product is used.
  • Warning – has to do with making sure there is sufficient warning as to possible problems. There are issues as to how much should you have to warn. How much is too much warning? What responsibility does the M have to produce a good product? What responsibility does the user have?

Things needed for finding product liability

  • Is it a product? There can’t be a claim unless there is a product.
  • There must be injury to a person.

In a society that almost seems dependent on manufactured products, getting injured by a product usually means that there will most likely be others who could get injured. This is why the area of products liablity can be such an important area for litigation.

Our Maryland lawyers have experience working to get defective products off of the market and ensuring injured victims of defective products are fairly compensated for their injries.

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