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Have You Been in a Trucking Accident? You Need to Hire a Lawyer

The general practice attorneys at Murnane & O’Neill explain why it is crucial that individuals who have been involved in a truck accident obtain legal representation.

Perhaps you do not feel that your injuries are severe. Perhaps you were cleared to go home from the emergency room on the same day as the accident. Perhaps your car is still drivable and only in need of minor repairs. Perhaps you were able to obtain the truck company’s insurance information and have arranged for everything to be settled out of court. Perhaps the driver seemed clueless, but friendly enough that you were willing to let your concerns slide. No matter what your individual circumstances, if you have been involved in a truck accident, it is vital that you seek the help of an experienced attorney with extensive knowledge of trucking accident law.

Accidents involving trucks are often complex cases. In general, truck accidents result in multiple victims and cause various types of injuries. There may also be more than one party held liable. For personal injury cases with this level of complexity, it is vital that you seek out an experienced attorney who has represented clients with similar experiences. He or she will be familiar with the processes and procedures required to ensure that you are adequately represented and that you receive the compensation to which you are entitled.

Fortunately, many trucking companies have rigorous vetting processes in place which all drivers must undergo before being cleared to operate their vehicles. These vetted drivers are typically required to demonstrate that they have the skills and knowledge necessary to drive company vehicles safely and with caution. On rare occasions, companies who may be running low on drivers or who do not have the funds to pay for the proper training may avoid following protocol to keep drivers on the road. These companies are the ones who are most often responsible for putting unsafe drivers on the road.

If the accident in which you were involved caused you to sustain injuries, it its paramount that you ensure your rights are defended. An attorney can work to ensure that these are not compromised. Although each individual case is different, the possibility remains that the company who owns the truck will prove to be uncooperative or refuse to accept fault for the accident. In addition to making your rights a top priority, an attorney can also act as your representative in communications with the trucking company and ensure that there is no communication breakdown.

The more quickly you obtain an attorney to represent you after you have been involved in a truck accident, the likelier you are to ensure that your case will be handled properly and that you will obtain proper compensation and care for your injuries as well as any additional resulting damages.

Murnane & O’Neill specialize in truck driving accident law. If you have been involved in a truck accident, or are seeking legal representation in a personal injury case, contact the general practice attorneys at Murnane & O’Neill today.