Maryland Traffic Offenses such as DUI, DWI, Speeding Tickes or MVA Hearings

Driving is not a right but a priviledge. If you have received a ticket for DUI, DWI, DWS, or other minor traffic violation such as speeding, depending on the facts of the case, you could lose your license. Maryland does not take these issues lightly and neither should you.

Let our experienced Maryland traffic attorneys help you fight this battle. Do not settle for anything less than a traffic defense lawyer with hundreds of trials and over 20 years of experience. That is what you will find at Murnane & O'Neill. Our Maryland traffic defense lawyers have successfully defended the following types of cases:

  • DUI, DWI - With the threat of jail time, (1 year for a first offense and up to 3 years for subsequent offenders),  fines up to $1000, 12 points on your driving record and/or the loss of your license, you cannot afford to risk going to court without an experienced Maryland traffic lawyer.  If you refused to take a breath test, or provided a result of .08 BAC or more, you only have 10 days to request a hearing or your license will be suspended upon the expiration of any temporary license you received from an arresting officer.
  • Driving While License Suspended or Revoked - are offenses that carry the risk of significant jail time. (1 year for a first offense and up to 3 years for subsequent offenders). Up to 12 points may be assessed on your driving record and a fine of up to $1000. The excuse that you didn't know may not work if the state believes that you were properly notified.
  • Speeding Tickets - depend on how fast you were traveling. You may be eligible for probation before judgment, if you can convince the judge you are worthy.
  • Reckless Driving - examples include: racing, failing to provide signals, passing a school bus, driving with faulty brakes, and passing in emergency lanes, just to name a few.
  • MVA Hearings - are a unique experience because the MVA is an independent agency. They were created to carry out the Maryland Vehicle Laws. Some of what they determine is whether or not someone will lose their driver's license after a DUI, DWI, accumulation of points on your driving record, or provisional license violations.

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Let our experienced staff of Maryland traffic defense attorneys help you keep your driving priviledges.

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